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Where to Eat in San Diego


Our Favorite Places

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Coasterra: For the best coconut margaritas and table-side guacamole creation mixed with a killer view of San Diego, this place can’t be beat.

Cowboy Star: Sounds like a strip club, in fact, it may be the best food I’ve had in San Diego. Steak tartare that is so tender it melts in your mouth, a great selection of wines, good service and a cool atmosphere. This is date night must.

Hapi Fish: Breezy and easy this sushi place in Encinitas is a fun place to have drinks and the sushi is fantastic. If you go more than twice the bartender Matt will remember you.

Craftsman Tavern: For burgers and beers (or Impossible Burgers, if that’s your bag) this is a simple neighborhood pub. Always friendly, not too pricey. For those evenings when you look in the fridge and say, nope!

George’s at the Cove This is a classic and should not be missed. Why wait for the in-laws to visit? George’s is a treat for locals too.

Modern Times Far West in Encinitas It’s official, even the U.N. wants you to eat at Modern Times Far West Lounge… not because they want you to drink more beer but because the food is fabulously delicious (and vegan! Shhh, you’d never know it!) Just a reminder, fries are vegan, and always have been.

Ironside Fish and Oyster Downtown. Maybe it’s the wall of piranha heads or maybe it’s the hipster vibe… who are we kidding, it’s the LOBSTER ROLLS. Yes, yes, there’s a full stick of butter in each one but baby, you’re worth it.